Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
for Ray Harryhausen
June 10, 2003

Ray Harryhausen, Legendary Visual Effects Artist responsible for such classic films as Clash of the Titans and Jason and the Argonauts, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on June 10, 2003. Arnold Kunert, K3 Arts and Entertainment Producer, spearheaded the five-year campaign. Among Kunert’s invited guests were the following: Keynote speaker Ray Bradbury, world-famous Writer/Playwright; speaker Frank Darabont, Writer/Director; Special Effects Artists Stan Winston, Rick Baker, Randall William Cook, Ken Ralston, Greg Pyros and many others. Michael Kirsch, K3 Arts and Entertainment Partner, videotaped the event and the post-event luncheon. Montgomery Photography of Laguna Niguel captured the day’s events in still photographs.


These images are from the June 10, 2003 Hollywood Walk of Fame Star presented to Ray Harryhausen

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Left to right: Ray Harryhausen, Honoree, Ray Bradbury, Keynote Speaker, and their longtime friend Forrest Ackerman, enjoy a reunion on the Celebration Day.
. . . Photo: Montgomery Photography
Ray Harryhausen, Honoree (left) and Arnold Kunert, K3 Arts & Entertainment Producer (right), greet Randall William Cook, Special Effects Artist on Lord of the Rings, who flew in from New Zealand for this memorable day.    . . .Photo: Montgomery Photography
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Ray Bradbury presents the Keynote Address, extolling the friendship between the two Rays since they were 18 years old. Johnny Grant, Honorary Mayor of Hollywood, is at left, and Ray Harryhausen is seated.    . . .Photo: Montgomery Photography Ray Harryhausen holds aloft the proclamation from the City of Los Angeles declaring June 10, 2003, Ray Harryhausen Day.
. . .Photo: Montgomery Photography
5of6RHStar 6of6RHStar
The Unveiling of the Star! From left, Johnny Grant, Honorary Mayor of Hollywood; Ray Harryhausen, Honoree; Arnold Kunert, K3 Arts and Enter-tainment Producer and Initiator of the Star Campaign for Harryhausen; and the President of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.   . . .Photo: Montgomery Photography From left, Rick Baker, Makeup Artist (How the Grinch Stole Christmas); Ray Harryhausen, Honoree, with the wall plaque commemorating the Star; Mrs. Ray Harryhausen; Arnold Kunert, K3 Arts & Entertainment Producer; Frank Darabont, Writer/Director (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile); and Stan Winston, Visual Effects Artist (Jurassic Park, The Terminator) share in Ray’s triumph. Ray Bradbury peeks between Kunert and Darabont.    . . .Photo: Montgomery Photography

On behalf of all of us at K-3 Arts & Entertainment, OCshowbiz, and Regal Cinemas, we thank you and our many volunteers and sponsors who joined with us to make this a memorable evening.

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