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Orange County native Michelle Madigan is a Producer for Dateline NBC.  She has had experience in both local news and morning television, but she’s found a home and a career in long-form journalism.

Michelle started at NBC News as a production associate with The Today Show in New York in 2003.  She ran scripts to the anchors, assisted with the rundown of the show, and learned from the show’s talented producing team – surviving the round-the-clock hours with lots of coffee. After a year with The Today Show, she moved over to Dateline NBC, the network’s primetime newsmagazine, as an assistant producer. 

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TroyWitt A pioneer in video on the web, Troy Witt has been producing video of all kinds since the mid-90s when the Internet was just beginning.  Now, Troy and his team produce video - both live and on-demand - for everyone from trade journals, to big pharma, to automotive and education.  While you may not know their name, Take One Productions, you have seen their work.  Their job is to let client's names be known; and, often as a sub-contractor, brought in to remain in the shadows.

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Art KirschEditor’s Note: A number of people have told me that I do a pretty good job of interviewing other people so I should interview myself as well. Here goes.

The entertainment industry is the second career for this Brooklyn, NY native after a quarter century in sales and management in the computer graphics industry. For the past decade Art has produced special events, shorts, commercials, documentaries, and is deeply involved in local arts issues.

As a young boy, he was home schooled for a few years when he was unable to walk from ages 7-9. After his recovery he studied engineering at City College of New York (Harlem campus) and eventually earned a degree in Accounting & Finance from Pace University (downtown Manhattan.) After a stab at law school, he enlisted in the Marine Corps, attaining the rank of sergeant. Art started his business career doing computer programming and then selling accounting systems in Manhattan for five years before beginning 25 years in the computer graphics industry, principally selling and managing sales forces before moving into corporate management. He eventually began building and fixing businesses with assignments that took him to Florida, Georgia, San Francisco, England, and Australia.

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Tore Dietrich

If you are watching TV or on the internet and see video coverage from a car show

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Mike Kirsch is typical of many modern filmmakers who graduate from film school with a broad range of in-depth knowledge of production through post-production and having a great appreciation for the planning process.

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Susan Johnston is the founder and director of the New Media Film Festival. 

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