Marilyn McLeodMarilyn McLeod is an executive coach, author, and popular speaker.

She is an expert in professional social media networking. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Media Communications Association International, OC/LA chapter, she advises people in the entertainment arts on how to maximize their positive exposure to others in order to maximize their opportunity for success. Marilyn is an accomplished and highly respected professional. She has traveled an extremely interesting path and, I am sure, will provide inspiration to many who read this interview.

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Jule Selbo is an accomplished writer (screen, stage, television, and film), tenured Associate Professor of Screenwriting, PhD candidate,

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Editor’s Note:  I met David Smith at the LA Times Book Fair this summer and immediately hit it off with him and knew I had to find out more about him and share his story with you.

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Anywhere you go in this day and age from Los Angeles to Afghanistan, you can sneeze and hit a screenwriter, a director, an actor or someone who just wants to hold the boom. I live in Orange County, a place that is quickly being marketed as the next “IT” place. Yet, I and my fellow writers can’t be taken seriously – even when we sneeze. I have my name on three different projects currently. One script I adapted from my father Alejandro Morales’ novel, The Brick People. One that I am working on with my brother, Greg Morales (a doctor in Los Angeles) and our good friend, Craig Gill, about the traumas of young refugees from Sudan coming to America. Finally, one I co-wrote with a coworker of mine, Charles Crowley. This last one is based on the life of Tina Modotti, the talented Italian photographer turned political activist.

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