No Illusions, Just Talent & Perserverance

Irina MaleevaLots of people have talent.  Some succeed, others don’t.  Some are a flash in the pan, others are enduring artists.  Irina Maleeva is a perfect example of why I love the entertainment business.  A talented and successful actress and singer, her journey is unique, inspiring, and taking new turns all the time.  

Born in Bulgaria, she speaks seven languages.  Irina first established herself as a child performer in Italy.  At the age of 15 she was discovered by Fellini and performed in three of his movies.  Along the way she accumulated degrees in painting and set design and studied at the Cinecitta Drama Film School and RADA in London, receiving the training that was the foundations for a successful worldwide career in films, records, television, stage and cabaret.

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Adding An App To His Credits

Matthew ModineOne of the most prolific and respected actors in Hollywood (this author’s favorites - Vision Quest and Full Metal Jacket), as of this writing Matthew Modine already has some 79 credits as an actor, 16 as a producer, 13 as a director, and a slew more as writer, cinematographer, and in other categories.  Nominated and winner of countless awards including a Golden Globe.  His place as an entertainment industry hall of famer is secure.

He can currently be seen in the Edward Zwick-produced Family Weekend with Kristin Chenoweth and will star as former Apple CEO John Sculley in Jobs, the forthcoming Steve Jobs biopic alongside Ashton Kutcher as Jobs.

If that weren’t enough, he is now adding App developer to his credits based upon the detailed diary he kept during the filming of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket.  His diary and behind-the-scenes notes were originally published as a limited-addition book and now has been adapted as an iPad App Full Metal Jacket Diary and has been accepted as an official entry in the New Media Film Festival coming up Los Angeles in mid-June 2013.

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Marla Stone was an actress throughout her childhood.

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Actress, Host, Food & Lifestyle Expert. 

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Montica Reeves



Montica is a talented actress and singer and a fixture in both L.A. and Orange County.

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Liz typically plays the deranged or kooky chick, but she recently stepped out of that roll to play Judy Lester in a 1940’s period film called REMEMBRANCE, produced by Orange County’s own Day Job Productions.

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