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Art Kirsch  Mike Kirsch 

Art Kirsch

Mike Kirsch

Crisis Manager
Business Manager

Creative Writer
Steadicam Operator

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Cinematek Creative

 Accounting & Finance
Repair Employee Morale
Build StartUp Infrastructure
Active In Industry Associations

Extensive Internet Experience
International IMAX Assignments
Remote Helicopter Cinematography
Experienced Sound Stage Operations

 Depending upon your needs, you can engage us individually or as a team.  When we work on a project together, Mike handles all the technical aspects of production and post-production & Art coordinates the activities as the producer.

To Discuss Your Needs Or To Support Our Projects, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Production Case Study:  Case Study: Producing A Commercial

Projects in Development:
Milford Zornes, Extraordinary California Scene Painter,
a documentary.  Status:  Seeking completion funding.
SkinnyDeeping™ With Art, An exploration of people who overcome significant physical or mental challenges to become successful people and role models for others.  Status: Seeking primary underwriter or sponsor.  Book in progress.  First three episodes in planning stages for broadcast on Therapy Cable during November, 2015. 
Old Buzzard, New Tricks™, Host, in chapter 3 of his life, will learn & document new skills such as becoming a pilot, learning ballroom dancing, performing in a circus, etc.  Status: Seeking primary underwriter or sponsor.
Roundtable.Media™  An authority website for working media professionals. Status: Going into Beta, Q4, 2015   
Tai Chi for Lifetime Flexibility   Developed with Tai Chi Master Vince McCullough Status:  Pre-production

20th Anniversary Screening of A Christmas Story, Q&A with cast and crew
Orange County Premiere, El Crimen Perfecto, Q&A with director Alex de la Iglesia
Presentation of remastered Jason & The Argonauts, Q&A with Ray Harryhausen

Other Projects:

The Brick People, documentary about the people of Simons, CA
TV Pilot, In The Credits, People behind the scenes who make the magic of entertainment happen
Remembrance, The story of a WWII veteran whose life, and that of his family were impacted by PTSD
GUPA - a documentary about a beloved teacher, mentor, friend, Vince McCullough.  It chronicles his journey as a young man born in upstate New York during the depression, his move to California, athletic prowess in high school and college, combat in Korea and 60 years teaching phys ed, yoga, and tai chi.

Art Kirsch - Business Management
Will Manage Your Start Up, Act As Interim Managment

Business Management Case Studies
Case Study: Turnaround Down Under
Case Study: Internet StartUp
Case Study: Back From The Dead




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