MCAI, MAOC, OCSWA, PVN, OCMMA - Orange County has many active organizations that provide opportunities for networking and professional education and advancement.

Media Communicaitons Association of America (MCAI)

We are an organization of media communications professionals that provides opportunities for networking, forums for education and resources for information. Vision
We will become the community of professional media communications experts recognized as the definitive source of current comprehensive information, skills and connections needed to succeed in a highly competitive environment
MCA-I's Strategic Commitment to Media Communications Professionals

The Media Communications Association-International (MCA-I) reaffirms our commitment to increase awareness of mission critical functions of media communications professionals and to support - in every stage of their career - those engaged in the profession. MCA-I's Strategic Plan, focusing association efforts through 2010, comprises three key initiatives: cultivation of partnerships; establishment of an industry university and online library and building a voice for the industry. These initiatives are underway with deliverables starting this year and a culmination to these efforts to come well before the end of the decade. They are works in progress, and we welcome your participation.

Media Alliance of Orange County (MAOC)

An organization of media professionals, businesses, and community leaders who recognize the importance of media to the Orange County economy, the community at large, and to the people of Orange County and a forum for exchanging ideas, networking, sharing job opportunities, exhibiting talent and product, providing education, and honoring industry achievements.

Orange County MultiMedia Association  (OCMMA)
Dedicated to promoting multimedia arts and technologies and educating the community about multimedia. We were formed long before anyone ever heard of the "information superhighway," and we have helped shape the emerging multimedia industry in Orange County since 1987. During the years since our formation, we have evolved as a diverse organization supporting today's technology through sharing of information both online and person-to-person.

We are a non-profit organization formed to promote educational and networking opportunities for professionals and enthusiasts in the various aspects of multimedia arts and technologies. Our meetings include technical presentations, discussions of technology trends, and collaborative support, to keep you up to speed with developments in multimedia, the Internet, and the digital arts.

Our members include web developers, computer graphics artists, designers, illustrators, animators, videographers, voiceover talent, photographers, and others. With many high-tech industries already located in Southern California, Orange County is one of the worldwide centers for cutting edge multimedia development and technologies.

Orange County Screenwriters Associaiton (OCSWA)
Mission Statement/Statement of Purpose.
The Orange County Screenwriters Association (OCSWA) and The Orange County Media Arts Organization (OCMAO) are not-for-profit organization conceived to be a connective resource of creative energy and real-world materials for professional and amateur writers and filmmakers.

Both organziations are the creation of writers, educators, film professionals and mentors, based in the belief that the passion and dedication to write and produce film is prevalent in our community and should be encouraged so all can achieve artistic, professional and economic success. We are volunteer members who believe in the power of film and the art and craft of writing and producing it. We exist to inspire excellence, and to help empower those interested in film, television and theater.

To further our goals, OSCWA and OCMAO will produce events that feature industry guest speakers, writing and film contests, discussion panels, seminars, and networking & educational opportunities.

OSCWA and OCMAO, in partnership with other film and collegiate programs, proudly represents the best that the Orange County film community (and beyond) has to offer.

Professional Photographers of Orange County
PPOC is dedicated to the education, advancement  and support for our fellow photographers. PPOC presents speakers who will motivate your creativity, increase your business skills and help you advance your professional career.

PPOC is an affilate of Professional Photographers of Califormia and Professional Photographers of America.  PPOC provides a  network of professional photographers to meet, exchange ideas and learn more about our growing profession.

The Professional Videographers Network
PVN is an organization of professional videographers, producers, and editors in Southern California. Our members provide services in event, commercial and industrial video production.

We meet monthly in Irvine to discuss issues of interest to our members and keep up with the latest technology. The meetings provide a forum for education, networking and the sharing of ideas, opinions and jobs.

VO Peeps
Based in Orange County, CA VO Peeps is a global meetup group dedicated to providing resources and information about the Voiceover, and related media, industries.  Their mission is not only to network with other voice over artists and industry professionals, but to provide continuing education initiatives focused on growing their members’ voiceover skills.


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