Always among the highest expression of every culture, the arts teach us much about every historical period through its literature,visual arts, music, dance, and drama. Today it is recognized that to be truly well educated one must not only learn to appreciate the arts, but must have rich opportunities to actively participate in creative work. The arts are languages that most people speak, cutting through individual differences in culture, educational background, and ability. They can bring every subject to life and turn abstractions into concrete reality. Learning through the arts often results in greater academic achievement and higher test scores.  (New Horizons For Learning)

There is a rich supply of educational opportunities in the entertainment arts - including theater, film & video, animation, graphics of all kinds, game development, and so on.  We have many dedicated and talented teachers from K-12 programs in dozens of school districts, the Orange County Department of Education, Community and Four Year Colleges, as well as, many private schools.   There is no shortage of quality instruction in the entertainment arts of all types.  

This category will highlight the educators and institutions in Orange County and surrounding counties.


Thursday, July 18, 2024