Now that the transition to SOCALshowbiz from OCShowbiz is complete,

I want to thank a few people in particular who made this possible with virtually no hiccups. First and foremost, thanks to Will Ashworth who hosts my websites. He dealt with all of the issues of reassigning IP addresses, tons of redirects to keep all links past and present working, and a myriad of other behind the scenes things that needed to be done so that we were never down. Will can be reached at if you need reliable, reasonable hosting, need to buy a domain name, or require programming services.


Also thanks to three of my Joomla Meetup colleagues:

Robert Coomes who is a brilliant programmer and knows just about everything under the hood about Joomla and assorted extensions that anyone would want to know
Grace McKay, who has created about a half dozen Joomla sites and has kicked my butt without mercy to make sure I did the conversion. and Caprice de Lorm who showed me how to get the rainbow affect in the lettering of the new logo

Last but not least to Beverly Lee the organizer of the local Joomla Meetup for founding and hosting our monthly Joomla meetings (Laguna Niguel)

Thursday, July 18, 2024