Need to raise money for a creative project?  Welcome to Fundraising 2.0  

I am in the process of raising finishing money for a documentary, The Brick People, at  that gives me a month, until April 5, 2011 to meet my goal through this unique method known as “Crowdfunding.”    My son Mike, two other partners, and I are using this online fundraising tool to fund  The Brick People, that is in the editing process and thus needs licensed photos, footage, a sound track, and professional sound and color post services before we submit it to film festivals.· Check out our posting at which went up Sunday, March 6, 2011. As of this writing, less than three days later, we have already received donations of $2,130, close to 40% of our initial goal. Donate something if you’d like but, even if you’re not interested in my project, I will be reporting back on our experience once it is completed.· Needless to say we are enthusiastic so far.

Kickstarter was created to help people fund creative projects (film & video, art, theater, almost any creative discipline).· While there are a variety of techniques you can employ with kickstarter, we have chosen to raise a modest $5,555 in 30 days.· We either make or exceed that amount or lose the whole thing.· Donations are only finalized if we exceed our goal. There’s no charge to post your project and you only pay some fees if you are successful. Their fees are deducted from the check they send you.· When you go to our page you can select the FAQ near the top right of the page and read about it in more detail.

I know people who have used it and raised over $100,000 without giving up points!· I know others who failed.· I will provide updates in about a month to let you know how we did and share any things that you might want to avoid.· Periodic updates can be found at     In the meantime, if you can’t wait to start your project on kickstarter,·contact me and I’ll share what I know to date.·

An excellent piece on crowdfunding can be found at

Happy fundraising!

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